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We are KIND.

We are STRONG.

We are BRAVE.

We are HAPPY.

This is Us

Hey there friends,

Our names are Hope and Sara and we are sisters. We are motivated to offer you creative options to be active with your own tribes. We want to share our ideas and our energy with the world on this Kids That Grow platform. Let us inspire you! We love meditating, practicing yoga and finding pockets in our day to move with whatever we have at arms length to support us. We are Mums to seven healthy children, which has led us to always be on the look out for new and fun ways to incorporate physical activity in a variety of ways.

We know that physical activity is incredible for our children’s (and our own) health, plus the benefits of improving attention and memory, brain health, building strong muscles, cardiovascular health, mood, energy levels and even better sleep are added bonus’. And to be honest, if kids are going to be on a screen then they may as well be exercising!

Sara is a qualified Nurse and Hope is a qualified Yoga teacher. Together we are passionate about what effect movement has on our own body, mind and spirit and we want to share that passion and that ‘feeling’ with you and the little people in your lives through our Kids That Grow website. 

Kids That Grow is for everyone to be able to discover and enjoy the benefits of moving their bodies (even if you think exercise is not your thing) and to maintain overall physical and mental health. 

Please Enjoy.

Hope & Sara at KTG 

Discover how physical activity can improve your child’s physical health, brain function and moods. Together, these have a positive effect in helping improve self confidence and resilience.

This is our intention.

This is our commitment.

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Getting back to the basics

Movement is the starting point for wiring the brain for learning.